Property Inventory

Property Inventory

In addition to carrying out EPC’s we can also carry out a property inventory.  In todays private rental market it is imperative a check in inventory is carried out, by instructing us you will receive a professional detailed report. Our inventory clerks are highly trained and have many years of experience. We pride ourselves on paying special attention to detail and providing a professional and quality report every time. Acting as a 3rd party, we have provided unbiased reports for many clients and continue to do so, working with various local agents & landlords.

Handling and claiming from deposits can be a stressful experience and so our aim is to make things move smoother in the event of any disputes between the landlord and tenant! With our 24-48 hour turnaround, our well prepared and detailed reports protect the landlord’s property as well as protecting the tenant’s deposit. Our property inventory services help to avoid time wasted with disagreements with all parties involved when the tenancy comes to an end.

Prices starting from just £80, discounts available to estate agents and repeat customers, just ask when enquiring.

We offer property inventory for the whole of Leicester and LE postcodes.

What We Do

As a 3rd party in the process,  an unbiased and in-depth professionally prepared report (with photographic evidence) will be prepared which is used to note down the condition and contents of a property before a tenant ‘checks-in’ to a rented property. A schedule of condition is also prepared; which is simply a questionnaire noting the condition of the property as a whole. Electric and gas meter readings are taken during the inspection and are agreed with the tenant. To finalise the check-in a hand over of keys can be conducted in the presence of the independent clerk.

Both landlord and tenants may benefit from an interim report, to help things run along smoothly as possible during the tenancy.  The landlord can be informed of any maintenance issues needing attention and vice versa the landlord will also be informed of the upkeep of the property. This report is shorter and less detailed which would normally be conducted at an interval suiting both parties. The benefit of this report is that landlords and tenants can be alerted to any potential liabilities, by resolving matters early on, this will avoid unnecessary cost later on. 

At the end of a tenancy our inventory clerk will attend the property either with or without the tenant to conduct the ‘check-out’ inventory report. The original check-in report is used as a comparison noting down any change or defects/damage that have arisen during the rental period .  The check out report will also note down specific details with regards to the general condition and cleanliness of the property. New pictures are then taken along with meter readings being recorded to determine the exact amount of gas / electricity used by the tenant.