Legionella Risk Assessment


Legionella Assessment

Legionnaires disease and Legionella is potentially a very fatal form of pneumonia which became known in the 1970’s with outbreaks related to bacteria found in hotel air conditioning systems. Legionella can be a problem in both hot and cold water systems when certain circumstances such as specific water temperature, which will promote the growth of the bacteria.

The Health and Safety Act has provisions meaning that Landlords must understand, control and prevent any risks from the bacteria to protect their tenants especially if there are persons that are vulnerable to Legionella disease. 

Fortunately, this does not mean an expensive detailed assessment, we can provide a simple but comprehensive report showing that there are no risks of legionella in the property is sufficient, or in some cases make the appropriate recommendations to correct any issues. The status of the risk should  always be reassessed if there are any changes in the water system to the property.

You may read the Government guidelines to Legionella on the Health and Safety Executive website. Below are links to a couple of official GOV articles that will inform you of your obligations and measures that the tenants can put in place to ensure risk is kept to a minimum.


Qualified Risk Assessment for Legionella

We are fully qualified assessors accredited with Elmhurst energy and have taken comprehensive Legionella Awareness training.

They are are able to:

Carry out a risk assessment to identify and control the risk of Legionella.
Understand where Legionella bacteria comes from.  Explain how people develop Legionnaires’ disease and how it effects health. Be aware of the legal responsibilities to prevent and monitor.
Understand the importance of continual monitoring, reviewing and updating


 – Only £59 for the initial assessment for houses with up to 4 bedrooms

 – If combined with an Inventory Check or an EPC discount will be applied

 – For properties with 5 bedrooms and more, please contact us for a bespoke price.